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 Vouchers Neosurf pretty convenient tool of payment for goods and services in European countries, on the official website http://www.neocash.fr/ you have opportunity to check location of countries and cities with places where you can buy vouchers, usually it is tobacco shops, point of sale of the press, electronics stores, and sometimes even a post office. Voucher code is a combination of 10 letters and numbers that is printed on the bill and given to the customer at the sales point. Some services like ours which accepts Neosurf are asking to upload photo of bill with voucher code, so please if you have photo please attach it during order request.

Verify the validity of the voucher you can on the official website in the section Neosurf > MyCard or via link https: //www.neosurf.com/en_GB/pincode/menu Along with its validity voucher passing the link above you can also see the history of where it was used in the current time payment. Currently, the company produces a maximum nominal value of vouchers is 100 Euro.


It is branch Neosurf company also has a combination of 10 letters and numbers, the only difference is that it's not a real voucher that you can buy at the point of sale, and the code that is directly linked to your account MyNeosurf on website http://myneosurf.com/, if you have on personal account some amount of money you can by using 10-digit code pay for services in online stores or to your partners, disadvantage of MyNeosurf is that the number of stores accepting MyNeosurf much less than those who take the classic vouchers Neosurf.


According to the principle of operation is very similar to vouchers Neosurf, but produce these vouchers another French company and sales vouchers only in France, the advantage of this payment instrument is that the maximum face value of the coupon is not limited to 100 Euro and payment voucher Neocode fee generally less than the payment Neosurf. Official site http://www.neocode.fr/. Check the validity of the voucher and the history you can via link http: //www.neocode.fr/mon-code/.

PCS MasterCard coupons / vouchers

Another release of the French system of vouchers with which you can pay your affiliates for services, as well as to replenish a payment card that can be ordered on the official website https://www.pcsmastercard.com/, payment cards are issued to any interested person after filling out application forms and payment release, but the map is the first time limits. To remove the limit you have to send documents that prove citizenship or temporary residence in a European country and verification of residence by means of sending fresh utility bill or bank statement. These vouchers sales only in France.

Paymer checks

 is the new way to send and receive payments online. Developed to meet the growing need for convenience and security, Paymer is the best way to shop online and make instant payments offline. Combining ease of use with high security, Paymer opens new possibilities for merchants and customers.

Having a Paymer at your disposal, you can pay for goods or services to a merchant. You just need to provide merchant with Paymer’s number and code by phone, email, ICQ. Moreover, Paymers can be used like cash: you can give a Paymer to merchant or tell him its number and code.

You can issue your own Paymers and use them as a means of payment. Bank wires and credit cards can be used to issue Paymers.

Understanding customers' needs (their actual goals, the challenges and limitations they face, and the like), Paymer ensures maximum customer security and confidence, privacy of personal details, history of transactions, bank accounts, credit cards and other relevant information. Effective encryption means are used to secure transactions.

Btc-e Code

 - A code that can create any user Btc-e and lay in it a certain amount and then pass exchanger, a friend or partner for future use are examined on the same code listed in order of the amount personal account you laid when you create code. Code is generated simply in a personal account on website

https: //btc-e.com/.

How to create a BTC-e Code?

To create a BTC-e Code, please do the following:

1. Log into your account BTC-e https://btc-e.com/profile;

2. Click on Finance, select the currency and click on the Display;

3. In the drop-down list, select the BTC-e code or click on the Make BTC-e code to remove cryptocurrency.

Translation made without commissions. Minimum withdrawal amount - 0.01 USD, RUR, EUR, CNH or GBP.