1. I want to exchange my voucher to other currecny, what should I do?

You need to fill exchange form in our site and send. Then you need to wait for your payment.

2. How long should I wait after I fill the exchange form and send?

Exchange procedure takes 5-15 minutes, but we can take some time (2 hours maximum) to process it. Mostly our operator send your payment in 5-15 minutes to chosen by you payment system. You will get an E-mail or SMS showing status of your order. If you got E-mail that is telling your order rejected then please check your voucher for validity. it means your voucher is invalid or used voucher so your exchange order cancelled. Exchange orders which are sent when our support is offline at night will be proceeded in morning when working hours starts.

3. I filled exchange form and sent my order. What should I do next?

After filling the form and send, you need to wait for payment. We see your form and we proceed exchanges one by one. Do NOT use chat service like this unnecessarily. You need to wait for your order. If your payment was not paid in 2 hours maximum, when our support online you can contact and chat (or support E-mail) and ask the status of your order.

4. What is minimum amount can I exchange ?

15 EUR

5. What vouchers do you accept? Which series vouchers do you accept?

We accept all vouchers from any countries that mentioned in request form, during filling in form if you will asked by which country issued voucher, please choose. 

6. If I filled the exchange form and sent my voucher paysafecard to exchange but I didnt get my payment?

All orders status will be send to you by E-mail. In E-mail it will be explained if your exchange order successfully done or rejected. If you didnt get your payment for your voucher it means that your voucher is either invalid or used somewhere else. Because of that send us just new and valid vouchers to exchange with us successfully. Do not send us vouchers which you tried to exchange in other exchangers.